Sunsational Landscapes is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Design and construction of unique, personal outdoor environments

  • Design and installation of  "turn key" projects such as swimming pools, patios, driveways, front entrances, grading, trees, gardens of all types, landscape lighting and landscape structures

  • Consultation services for "proposed" & "in progress" projects, and for existing installations that are in need of maintenance or repair

  • Delivery of Topsoil, Gravel and Sand

  Landscaping Services a  

Comprehensive Project Management – Large or Small

With more than a quarter-century in the landscape business for both residential and commercial customers, you can trust Sunsational Landscapes with your project, whether it’s large or small. For smaller jobs, you’ll appreciate Sunsational Landscapes’ friendly, personalized approach. Those seeking larger projects will welcome our extensive experience on large, complex endeavors. This includes large-scale project management, in conjunction with our existing relationships and experience working with carpentry, pool, electrical, and many other professional contractors as needed. Contact Sunsational Landscapes today for all your landscaping needs.


Our Unique Landscape Horticulture Knowledge

While our landscape designs could truly be called, “art”, there’s much more to our landscapes than meets the eye. Our years of Horticulture training and real-world experience enables us to better design landscapes that will thrive in your actual environment for many years to come. We take into account everything from your climate zone, soil type to individual lifestyle to create a landscape just for you.


While most landscapes require some maintenance from time-to-time, we understand that you need your landscape to be as maintenance free as possible, while retaining its unique beauty. We’ll work closely with you to make it happen!


Our Knowledge of Government and Local Regulations Saves you Money

Having enjoyed many successful years in business, Sunsational Landscapes has intimate knowledge of government and local bylaws that may have important implications for a landscape installation. While some companies may learn by “making mistakes” which cost you, we can inform you of any issues ahead of time and plan your design to meet applicable laws. In addition, many local officials are familiar with us and our work.  All this saves you time, money and gives you peace of mind.


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